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Lena, in that brave moment after Dailen helps wash her face clean and leads her over to the mirror...

First of all, I have to apologize for my lateness. Blogger did not want to work for me in any way and even ended up erasing my entire blog post before I could finish it, so I've had to rewrite it all, which took time. :/ So, it's a day late, but I got the post redone. :)

If you read my last blog post, you'll remember I mentioned having a special 'surprise' for you all today. And here it is: an introduction to one of Dragons' Bane's main heroines: Lena! To help you get you interested in my latest WIP(that's Work-In-Progress), I decided to give Lena a chance to tell you a bit about herself and her adventures to come in Dragons' Bane. Take it away, Lena!

"Hi everyone! My name is Lena...um, just Lena. The rest of it is just too complicated, and I'm not very fond of it anyways.

Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to tell you a bit about me, right? Well, let's see. I was born and raised in the country of Galdania (neighbor to Amael if you know anyone from there), though I'm now living in Calest(another neighbor). My past is kind of painful to talk about, and I don't really want to give away everything, but...I'm not living with my family anymore. I haven't seen them in...well, I suppose it's been a year or two now.

But I don't want this to get too sad, so let's focus on some of the more positive things, shall we? I have made some great friends in Calest, including this wonderful guy Dailen, who--wait, am I not supposed to tell you about Dailen? Oh, I guess not...but I guess he'll have a chance to talk to you all later, so I don't think I spoiled much.

I'd like to tell you more about where I'm staying and what I'm doing in Calest, but, I'm afraid I'm sworn to secrecy about most of that. It's really cool though, dangerous at times, but cool. I've learned a lot of valuable lessons from it.

Anyway, err...I love horseback riding, among other things. In Galdania I had a grey dappled horse named Storm, as well as my cat, Daisy. I heard the name in a book somewhere and just fell in love with it.

Ooh, that's another thing--I adore books! It's just so wonderful to simply let go of the world for a while and lose yourself in a good story. And the creative ideas these authors come up with...they blow me away! Me, I've only really tried my hand at writing poetry. I don't really show it to anyone, though; it's not all that great.

Sometimes it's difficult living here, because Calest and Galdania are so very different, like night and day. Sometimes I miss home, but honestly,  I'm kind of glad to be away from it. But then again, there's so many secrets here in Calest; everyone is hiding something, and I'm afraid I'm no exception. Sometimes I wish everyone could just be themselves, instead of hiding behind their 'masks'. Maybe one day...someday.

See, the thing is, Galdanians and Calestans don't get along. Here in Calest I have to pretend that I'm not Galdanian, otherwise things could get very bad for me and those close to me pretty quickly. It's not an easy secret to keep from everyone, especially your closest friends, but it's pretty crucial.

Oh yeah, my best friend Blaze (that's not his real name but shhh I didn't tell you that!) will probably have a chance to talk some other day, so I won't tell you too much about him. But maybe he can be a little more open about our Calestan lives, as he definitely knows a lot more than I do, haha.

Well...I think that's about it. I mean, I could probably talk for hours about the things that I like and whatnot, but I'd probably bore you to tears. So I'll leave you hanging for now, hoping I haven't already bored you.  I hope this has given you a little glimpse into my life and you've enjoyed it. 

So...goodbye, I guess? How do we do this? Do we just end the blog post? Is there some sort of etiquette to this?

...Yeah, I guess that works. Um, bye again!

Thanks, Lena! :)

And now, I'd like to extend a special invitation to you, the readers. If there's a specific question you'd like Lena to answer (bear in mind she might be secretive about certain topics) or something more you'd like to know about her, post it in the comments below. And be sure to check back often as I'll be posting more content about Dragons' Bane as well as possibly some excerpts or other fun stuff. :) Have a wonderful day!

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