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Is It Truly Possible To Write A Novel In A Month?

I've seen plenty of "Write a novel in 100/90/30 days" books around, and even November's NaNoWriMo helps you do just that. But NaNoWriMo isn't truly about the editing, or so I've heard. It's about pounding out the story and then after NaNo going back and fixing everything up.

So, I've always assumed that's what those 'Write a novel in x days' books meant. Write a novel, not edit, proofread, design, publish a novel.

But then I found something the other day that really interested me. It's called "Fiction Unboxed", and they say the same thing as the others: you can write a novel in 30 days. However, they say you can do more than that. They say you can publish a novel in only 30 days.

When I read that, I laughed, though I have to admit I was intrigued. Writing and publishing a novel in 30 days? Okay, maybe if you want it for a school project or something. But writing and publishing a novel that is actually good(more than good!) in 30 days? Um...I think someone's living in a fantasy world here. ;)

But I read on, terribly intrigued and wondering how they could possibly do this. Apparently, though, they did. And these three guys, working together at the start of the month without even a scrap of an idea, brainstormed, wrote out, edited, proofread, and published a now very successful novel...in only 30 days. And then, of course, they were willing to sell their secrets to you, for a decent price, of course.

I didn't buy the program, but it definitely got me thinking. At the moment, I don't believe I'm up to the level where I could publish a novel in 30 days, but why not shoot for a more reasonable goal?

At the moment, my absolute deadline for Dragons' Bane is July of 2015. That's so I have it ready to sell it at the convention I sold The Dragon Within at this year. I started just about after the convention, so I've had about 3 months now to work on Dragons' Bane. A year seemed a nice, reasonable deadline for me to work in, right?

But...I'm terrible with deadlines. I have to feel like they really mean something in order to be motivated to get it done (unfortunately). I have to feel I have made a promise to someone and can not let them down without feeling like a failure. And then, I really push myself and get it done. Otherwise, though, I tend to find little excuses, let the 'oh, I have time' get in my way. And I really need to stop that.

And here's another thing: I really have no excuses. My life at the moment is pretty much in the prime position to power through several books or so. I'm finishing up a couple school classes to conclude by December, when I will be graduating from high school; I don't have any sort of sports teams or other high-commitment projects (other than writing ;) that gives me a more 'valid' excuse not to get my writing done; and most of my friends either have jobs or are going to college where I don't even meet up with them much. I have the perfect opportunity to make some beautiful work before my life inevitably does get too busy, and I'm not taking advantage of it!

I know, I know, I understand other people actually have lives, unlike me. :p So don't feel, if you're a writer, that I'm trying to push you to finishing your book in an unreasonable amount of time. And especially if it's your first novel, take as long as you need. No one knows you're an author yet, you don't have marketing pressures or eager readers waiting for your next work, so take your time and get it up to your satisfaction. :)

But, ultimately, I would love to come to the point where I could satisfactorily write and publish a novel every couple months or so. I have so many stories I want to write; maybe then I could get them all done! Because this is only my second novel and I feel I still have a lot to learn, I still think a month is a steep goal. However, I do think I should step up my game a bit, so here's what I've decided:

Since Dragons' Bane now has a sequel, Dragons' Might, that accompanies it, I've decided to try for getting both done by July of 2015, or at least mostly done. I may keep Dragons' Might back for a bit just to generate some suspense and such (hehe, I'm such a mean writer ;), but I'd like to have both books done next year, most definitely. I've already begun Dragons' Bane and am going to use NaNo next month to further jumpstart my motivation, but by my estimation, this gives me about 3-4 more months for Dragons' Bane before I move to Dragons' Might. So, unless something is terrible about it where I need to make some major revisions, I'm hoping to release Dragons' Bane around December 2014-January 2015. :)

I've run into a little snag with The Burden of Wings too, so though I'm also working to get that done by December, I'm not sure how that will turn out. The style and a few other things I'm trying for it are a bit tricky and taking some time to really get the feel of, so it looks like at the moment it may be an in between Bane and Might project, which may actually be better as I'll then have a little something to give you in between. :) This isn't to say it absolutely won't be done by December, but at the moment I can't quite say. I feel like I should really devote my time to Dragons' Bane at the moment...maybe once I have it written but am working on revisions, I'll get The Burden of Wings figured out. I'll do my best, but we'll just have to see. :)

See, now that I've gotten this down out in public (internet public where others can see it...whatever, you know what I mean ;) I can already feel the clock ticking in my mind. I can do this, I know I can. And I actually am already working with my friend on cover design ideas, so maybe we'll throw a couple out soon and see what you think. :)

So, I'm off to write Dragons' Bane now! But be sure to check back Wednesday, because I've got a special surprise planned to sort of launch this whole thing. ;) Have a wonderful day!


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