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Character Spotlight(s): Fezill and Giddin

Sorry about the lack of posting! A busy week as well as getting sick has kept me from posting until today, meaning I missed last week's Character Spotlight. So, I'm going to be combining two into one today, which works well because these two characters go hand-in-hand(er, paw) together ;)

Anyway, without further ado, here are the spotlights of the week: Fezill and Giddin!

And, for the second spotlight, his companion Giddin the griffon:

(All pictures are from Pinterest)

Fezill and Giddin have been together for a long time. Also, the reason Fezill looks like just another cliche fantasy mage is that he saw a picture in a book of what a mage should look like, and so he adapted that style in an attempt to be more mage-like.

Fezill's appearance is like a mix of the two pictures above. His beard is long, straight (though matted) and white, and his robes are often of the most flamboyant colors like shocking purple. He lives in Amael in a little shack on a hill, though he has used his magic to make it 'bigger on the inside' to accompany all his belongings. He is rather queer and often says things he doesn't mean (or at least, covers them up so it seems like he didn't say them)

No one is quite sure why (although Fezill might have a clue), but Giddin has a very dim outlook on life, and spends most of his time laying dejectedly in front of Fezill's fireplace, watching or listening to him working on yet another failed project. He is the last griffon in existence, which may explain some of his depression (as well as having to live with Fezill for so long), but is actually a very talented and cunning creature, though his days of doing much of anything are long since over.

Interesting facts: Giddin was not introduced to the story til one of the more final drafts, as a way to make Fezill's life more interesting. Fezill, however, has undergone many changes throughout the course of the book, sometimes having a housekeeper, an apprentice, or even a wife!

Fezill's full name, Fezill Frederick Ginolly the Third, was different before as well, since the name of his housekeeper (or wife, depending on the draft) was Ginolly. His temporary apprentice, Dinar, was a much larger part of the book until I realized it wasn't actually necessary to the plot and was actually distracting from the rest of the story. Perhaps he will make an appearance in a later book...

Giddin, as I mentioned, was not even a thought of mine until I wrote a scene where Jarden converses with Fezill about...well, you'll have to read the book to find that out. ;) Anyway, it was amusing, but I kept thinking how much more so it would be if while they're having this conversation, a voice kept interrupting them with dryly humorous comments--and thus, Giddin was born, and I have to say, I absolutely love the scene so much more because of him! :)

In fact, I'm going to give you a little sneak peek of that scene(it's spoiler free):

(Fezill talking to Jarden)

"Now if you could excuse me, I have a lot of work to do. Being a mage isn't an easy task, you know! I've got letters to write, experiments to attend to, carnivorous plants to feed..." He waved his hand. "Disregard that last one. But I am a very busy man, and you have just made me a lot busier."
"Great. Now you've gotten him all excited. I hate it when he gets excited. It always involves something blowing up, and it's always something that's mine."
Giddin's pessimistic views were beginning to get on Jarden's nerves. Fezill escorted Jarden to the door. "I hope you find Chaim, I really do. He's a wonderful man, the greatest man I've ever known." Fezill stared off into the distance for a moment, a huge smile on his wrinkled face. Then he turned and waved his hands at Jarden. "Now, off you go! Please, for your own sake, don't go looking for Mavet now. And if you do find Chaim, tell him old Fezill says hi."
"But don't mention Giddin. No, no one ever mentions Giddin the griffon. And they wonder why I'm so gloomy all the time."


That scene just might be one of my favorites; never fails to make me laugh. :) What did you think of it? Did it make you laugh, or do you want to read more?


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