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Character Spotlight: Jarden

Hello again! Last week I introduced you to one of the main characters from "The Dragon Within", Kaena. Today, I'm going to tell you a bit about her older brother, Jarden.

(picture from Pinterest)

(picture from Pinterest)
The second picture is more for his hairstyle, and is also what I imagined him like when he's older. But first, a little about the character:

Jarden Armae is 19 years old and much more serious than Kaena. He is also very protective of his younger sister, which sometimes annoys her because she doesn't want to be treated like she can't take care of herself. Jarden cares very deeply for the people close to him and will do anything to keep them safe, a vital element in the story.

Interesting facts: Jarden used to be a stable boy at the home where Kaena lived, and his name was originally Toran (which is the name of the character I'll talk about next week, who developed into a completely different person than Jarden is)

Jarden, as you can see from the picture, has shaggy blond hair and deep blue eyes. He's very reserved and thoughtful, but also has a hot temper that causes a lot of fights between him and his sister.

Jarden has always been a very conflicted character. He feels like he has a duty to protect his sister, which includes keeping her away from illegal interactions with dragons. See, in their home country, Amael, interaction with dragons has been outlawed after a long and terrible war cost the people many lives. No one's seen a dragon in the town of Opal in over 20 years since that war, so most people don't even believe they exist. 

But Jarden does. And he's fully convinced that they are simply evil, bloodthirsty beasts who should be killed on sight. And nothing is going to change his mind, especially not when his sister befriends and hides a dragon in their own home.

Interesting fact: Jarden used to have brown hair and brown eyes, like his father, Dale (who also changed). However, I ended up changing that because, well, I guess it fit his character better.

There's a lot more secrets about Jarden I wish I could tell, but...that would ruin the book, haha. Jarden has changed a lot over the three years of penning this story, though, with his anger issues and self-doubt varying from troublesome to problematic. I'm satisfied with how he came out in the end though. :)

I will say one thing: Jarden has some very BIG secrets that he hides from everyone, secrets you'll discover if you read "The Dragon Within", which I definitely recommend. ;)

Well, that's all for now, folks! Next week I'll spotlight Toran,who may personally be one of my favorite of the characters [though I love them all]

Until then, this is Melody Jackson, signing off.



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