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Anyone Can Write


Being sick is not fun. And even just looking at my laptop screen was hurting my eyes, so updating my blog has not gone well lately. I'm just noticing now how last time I said I'd be back to blogging normally...a few days before I got really sick. Well, this time I'm going to say at least I will try to be back to blogging regularly this month. I certainly have plenty of post material now, haha.

This quote I find particularly fitting for right now, for multiple reasons. One of them is because I've been reading a lot while sick and jotting down a lot of notes to keep in mind for my stories, things to avoid, things to emulate, how they write their descriptions, story structure, etc. I recently finished Incarceron and Sapphique, which by the way I highly recommend. Maybe I'll do a book review on it...but it seems it would be a difficult book series(duo? Is it still called a series when there's only 2 books?) to do that with, because it's one of those ones where everything's quite strange/confusing and unresolved until the end, where you go ohhhh and smile because it's genius. :)

Anyway, I got a bit off track there, didn't I? Haha. The reason I mentioned that is though I won't even try to classify myself between amateur or professional, I've certainly learned that there's always room for improvement, and I think that can be what this quote is saying too. Also, I love it because it reminds you that anyone can be a great writer if you work at it long enough and don't quit. That's one of my favorite things about writing...anyone can do it (if you know how to read and write, of course, but that's pretty much the only requirement)

Also, Dragons' Bane is coming along pretty well, though I've been playing around with some pretty drastic plot changes, to make it better, of course. I may even post a new, alternate beginning sometime soon once I get it figured out...

Well, I think that's all for now, folks! Sorry I haven't been able to post very much recently. I may also experiment with changes to my blog...try to make it nicer and figure out what exactly I'm going to post about when. There'll be at least one more post this week at some point...so keep your eyes peeled!

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