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New Year, Still Forgetful

Well, it's a new year, everyone, and of course I meant to get a blog post up...but never hit 'publish'. Yeah, I know, I'm so clever. *sigh*

New year, same me. I'm not so sure that's a bad thing, per se, but there are a few things I've still got to work on. For one, this blog. It's, quite frankly, an unorganized mess. I really need to figure out what sort of things I should post and when...if anyone even reads this at all, haha. :p

I don't know. Maybe when I become a New York Times bestselling author people will look at this blog and I'll hide my face. I mean, maybe there's some good posts on here...but I know how terrible I am about keeping to a schedule. I blame it on my one-track mind. ;)

And I know, if anything that should keep me from getting distracted...but not so when my one-track mind is already completely focused on Dragons' Bane, which is, excitedly, half finished!! :D

And, I've got a really cool idea that just came to me. :) There's 52 (approximately, right?) weeks in a year, right? Well..52 of a lot of things would be just too much, but surely there's got to be 52 different writing resources I can tell you about, right?

Well, we'll try it, at least. If we run out of resources...I'll come up with some new ones or something. ;) We'll call it "Writing Advice From Everyday Life", or WAFEL for short. ;) Maybe that'll be a sort of code word...so if I start talking about waffles, you'll know where I'm going with this.

Well, first post of the new year, and I plan to make things much more fresh and exciting and hopefully updated! I've also taken a look at my views data from last year, so my blogging days may have changed slightly to fit the days when everyone seems to check the blog. :)
So, for your viewing, here is my blogging plan for 2015:

MONDAY:  I will be bringing you a lovely writing quote every Monday to help get you motivated and excited, along with perhaps a little rabbit trail of my thoughts about it. (you know that's what I do ;) 

TUESDAY: A link to the blog I help post on, Crackin' The WIP (Today, this link will appear at the end of today's post)

WEDNESDAY: It appears no one likes Wednesday for blogging, even though I've been blogging on that day, so no post on Wednesdays. 

THURSDAY: Possibly controversial discussion about writing rules and when not to follow them. As one of my favorite writing quotes states: Never take someone else's writing advice too seriously! There is always an okay time to break rules...once you've properly learned them, that is.

FRIDAY: Another probably-no-blogging day, although it will be left open for special posts and maybe even Dragons' Bane updates. :)

SATURDAY: There will be WAFELs every Saturday just for fun, because who doesn't like WAFELs? ;)

Author interviews, book reviews, book quotes...anything having to do with someone else's book other than mine! I'm thinking once a month I'll do a 'Book of the Month' spotlight and discuss a book I've read/am reading. (Sneak peek: I just recently finished Orphan's Song, so this Sunday I'll post a review about it, with maybe a little surprise too...Stay tuned!)

And that's about it for now! I've got a nice little stack of blog ideas, pretty pictures, quotes, and inspiration all geared up for some (hopefully) great posts this year!

Have a wonderful year, everyone!!


P.S As promised, here is the link to my post on character arcs over at Crackin' The WIP. You don't want to miss it!! 


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