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Semi like Chanis, more the glasses than anything

Today I'm introducing the next (and probably last) of the main characters of Dragons' Bane. So without further ado, ladies and gentleman, here is Chanis Isreld!

(Note: This picture isn't very accurate, but it was the closest I could find, especially the expression and glasses. Chanis' skin is quite a bit darker, and he's a big, muscular guy.)

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I'm Chanis, but you can call me Chan or Channy or whatever. I get a lot of weird nicknames from just about everyone, so I'm used to it. Blaze likes to call me 'Channy Boy' but, er, I'm not exactly fond of that one.

Ah wow, this is so exciting! I've been pre-warned not to bore you for hours with all my nerdy obsessions, but...that's kind of my life. I'm probably the biggest nerd in the Mountain, history nerd, that is. Everything about the Mountain is so fascinating; I mean, there's like an entire city in here! And no one knows how it came about! It's definitely the biggest mystery I've ever encountered, and it continues to surprise me every day.

Whoops, there I go. Haha, sorry. It's just really fascinating, you know? And so few people in the Mountain appreciate the wonders around us; it can get quite frustrating at times. But anyways, let's see...

Well, I'm a weather mage, which pretty much means I can control anything weather-related: wind, ice, lightning, etc. It's pretty cool, but I'm honestly not that excited about it. Magic's great in a pinch, yeah, but it's not like I go around making waterspouts appear everywhere like somebody does. (I won't say who, but just know I'm onto you.)

Funny thing is, most people here don't even know the extent of my nerdiness. Yes, sometimes I just get so excited about something that I just have to babble on about it, as Lena says, but most of the time I try to keep it to myself. It's...er, complicated, but let's just say sometimes playing the tough guy comes in handy. Lena commented once that it's funny how intimidating I can look when I lose the glasses, cross my arms and put on a stern expression. Being big has its advantages, haha. 

Hobbies other than nerdy stuff....um. Well, I do like the ocean. I like to sit by it and listen to the waves as I read my--no, sorry. I just can't do it. Being a nerd is my life, and I can't really escape it even if I wanted to, which I don't. I love being a nerd, and I always will. 

But, y'know, nerds don't always have to be the skinny, awkward kids with the embarrassing fashion sense and dorky glasses, and I'm living proof of that. Nerds can be big, tough guys who just have an extreme passion for learning. Being a nerd is not a bad thing, and it's my hope that maybe, eventually, people will see that and stop picking on them. Until then, though, muscles do come in handy for anyone who disagrees...

Haha, just kidding. I'm not fond of hurting people, though I will defend myself and the people I care about if I have to. But I'd rather avoid any fights I can.

So, yep, that's basically my life. It's been a lot of fun, and, you know, if you're also a huge nerd, maybe we can hang out and be nerdy together sometime. But right now, I've got a very interesting book that is calling my name, so I'd better go. See ya, everyone!

Thanks, Chanis!

Well, that's all the main characters of Dragons' Bane, so I'm not sure what I'll do next week. Maybe an excerpt of Dragons' Bane, or...I don't know. Any ideas?

(Oh, and I'll be gone this weekend, so there won't be a post tomorrow. I may try to do something on Sunday...but if not, I'll be back to my regular postings on Monday. :)

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