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Does Your Book Have A Soundtrack?

Seether feat Amy Lee - Broken

Have you ever heard a song and thought "Oh my gosh, that's exactly like my character (and/or what they've gone through in the story)!"? Well, have you ever considered making a soundtrack for your book as an inspirational music setlist?

There are songs that sum up things about my story so well that I've started a Book Soundtrack setlist to listen to while writing. Some of these songs have actually been incredibly helpful in setting the mood or inspiring me for different scenes and such. It's not a long list at the moment, but I'm now like on the lookout for songs to fill my 'soundtrack', haha.

Of course, the few I have on it right now are rather sad too, but that's what I've been writing and discovering lately, the deep and dark parts of my characters. In particular, the song "Broken" by Seether and featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence sums up one of my characters and their situation so well that if my book become a movie, I would want it to be played in the background of a certain scene. (Sorry, no spoilers yet ;)  I'd have to say it would be like the song that sums up the sad themes of the book, definitely. I've yet to find a happy song summing it up though...hmm. Maybe I should work on that next. :)

There are a few other songs I have on the setlist, but not many, as I said. Also, some of them are just inspiration, so not all of them are like exactly what happens in the story. Some it's even just the tone and emotion of the music that inspired me. Because it's not very long at the moment, my setlist is inspirational songs for Dragons' Bane, Dragons' Might, and The Burden of Wings, though I'd have to say at the moment it's mainly Dragons' Bane/Might.

I really need some happy songs for my setlist, haha. I've actually been trying to find the right inspirational love song/love-related song (as yes, there is a bit of romance in Dragons' Bane/Might ;) If you've got any ideas/suggestions, I'd love to hear them! There's just so much music in the world that trying to remember all the songs I wanted on my setlist is hard, haha.

So, got any specific songs that you like to write to because they speak to you or perfectly explain part of your book? If so, I'd love to hear what they are! :)

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