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Do What You Love And Love What You Do

Quote: "And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it." Lesson to learn: The secret to accomplishing great things at work is to love what you do. Keep taking the steps that will get you closer to a career you love.

Have you ever done something and just felt like "I was born to do this"? Maybe a hobby or sport you enjoy, or just something that makes you smile any time you sit down to do it. It come easier to you than to others, or you might be really talented at it.

Writing is that for me. :) I was born to write; it's like ink flows through my veins and it will never run out. And you know, sometimes, even for the best of us, the pen seems a little dry. But don't we all know how quickly that can change if you do some mindless scribblings? ;)

And it's funny, because I sometimes hear or see things writers struggle with, and I've never had problems like that. Don't take that as I don't have problems with writing (every writer does in some way or another) but I think when you have talent coupled with passion for something, it's not as hard to struggle through. Does that make sense?

For example, I'm not a great artist at all. I've dabbled in it a little (if you want to see my couple drawings, they're on my Pinterest "Drawing" board) but I am by no means a wonderful artist. It's really difficult for me. Yet it makes me wonder if the people who are really good and really passionate about drawing don't deal with some of the problems I have when I draw, you know?

Two big things I hear writers say they struggle with is sharing their work, and the dreaded "writer's block". And it almost makes me feel strange because I don't find either of those to be a struggle at all. I'd gladly talk your ear off about my books and show you all my work if I thought it was up to par. If I'm showing it to you not for critique and it's not up to par, then I feel bad because it's not my best and you won't get as much enjoyment out of it.

And yes, there's always a twinge of worry in my mind that you won't like it, but believe me, I work as hard and fast as I can to get my books written so I can finally share these stories that have affected me so deeply in so many ways. I want everyone to be able to read my works! And that's why I love ebooks, because with Smashwords, I can give away digital copies without losing money. :) And if even one, just one person is impacted by my books, then I am a happy writer.

On some level I'm always trying to reach out to people with my books, even if it's just so they read it and realize they are not alone in their way of thinking. I think there's a certain element of realism that stories should have--even in fantasy books or other such genres--so that there is something that connects the reader to the story and makes them realize they too can do great things, not just people in fairytales. :)

And the beautiful thing about doing what you love is that suddenly, everything becomes so much easier, and so much clearer. It's like seeing a path with many arrows and knowing with certainty which one to go down...it's wonderful. :)  It's so much easier; it feels right. And when you truly love what you do, what you make, it won't matter so much if others don't. I'm not saying it won't sting, haha, but if you love what you've made, no one can make you hate it. :)

The cool thing, though, is you don't necessarily have to love what you do at first. But if you really put in an effort to enjoy whatever it is you're doing, no matter how tiresome or difficult, the load becomes so much lighter. :)

So, what are you most passionate about? It doesn't have to be writing, haha, it can be anything. And would you agree that when you do something you enjoy (or make an effort to enjoy it), it's so much easier than if you convince yourself you hate it?

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