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Monday Musings: Are Stories Really Ever Created?


I'm sure you've all heard this phrase before. But what, then, does this mean for writers? Are we all just copycats in one way or another?

Yes, in a sense. But also, no.

See, I think the argument in this is that you cannot be truly original. (Just a couple minutes over at Tv Tropes will prove that to you!) But, in my mind, this gives way to a related (or possibly not?) question...

Are stories ever really created? Or are they simple retold, spun in a different light, a different character placed in the same situation?

Writers like to think they 'create' everything. Characters are the biggest example of this, as writers always say they've 'created' their characters. But I've never personally seen it as such, for to me, objectifying the character as my 'creations' distances me from them as well as gives me the illusion of control. (Trust me, most the time writers really aren't in control of their characters, but that's okay). And I found several quotes to back that up, which makes me very happy. :)

As summed up beautifully by the first picture, I see storytelling more as a discovery than making things up. It's like drawing from the little bits and pieces floating around in my mind, assembling a jigsaw puzzle of which I have no idea of shape or size but can feel it wanting to come together, and I let it guide me and change things until finally, it is complete, and I just sit there and go 'wow'. :)

Slightly off-topic but I think important: Writers often  (okay, very often) wonder and worry about when their story is 'ready'. This sort of goes along with what I was saying above...you just kind of know. And I know that sounds cliche and probably doesn't seem very helpful to any aspiring writers out there, but let me explain it a little more. 

You can't worry about little, interchangeable details after a while, for some people will hate it no matter what. Once the story feels right and like you've successfully put together maybe not what you originally imagined, but what the story led you to make it, you just have to take that leap of faith and say "it's done." 

And if others hate it, don't despair! Write for yourself, or just one person, and you'll find people who love your work. But if you try writing for the public, trying to meet the current demands of the market, your book will most likely fail. Writing takes a lot of faith, and you have to be true to yourself and your story. :)

There we go, mini-sermon done. I'm very passionate about what I do, sorry.

Anyway, that's about all I had to say. I've finally kicked myself and set up a specific blogging schedule to remind myself to blog regularly (cause otherwise I forget way too easily, unfortunately). So, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll be blogging about different things. 

(schedule is subject to change in cases of sickness or unforeseen events)

 I'll probably branch out and talk about some non-writing related stuff like my obsession for Doctor Who and its brilliant stories/characters/everything (okay, I guess that's still related to writing) or what books I'm reading and my reviews of them (oops, still writing) or...I guess I might just have to accept the fact that anything I talk about will probably in some way connect to writing. Or Doctor Who. I'm so obsessed with that show it's not even funny (yes it is. It so is) Don't get me started on how much I love Doctor Who or I'll ramble forever!

(However, if you're a Whovian nerd like me and want to geek out about it with me in the comment or in an email, I'm totally open to that. Seriously, I'd talk for hours about it.)

Ah, how easily distracted I get! I hope you don't mind my ramblings, as they're a rather inextricable part of who I am. :P

And thus ends another blog post by Melody, who has no clue how to properly close blog posts. (Do you like sign off or something? Is there a special formula for this? Do I just leave you hanging on a terrible cliffhanger like all great writers???)

So, I suppose this is Melody, signing off! Be sure to check back Wednesday as well as any other day for new content (I'm always updating little things here and there and adding new surprises ;) and have a wonderful day!


(I just realized I use these parentheses things a lot. Is that a bad thing? :P )

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