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Dragons' Bane


I love this quote; it sums up my current writing perfectly! :) The story just wouldn't be as exciting with all the dragons (and the title Dragons' Bane wouldn't really work either, haha!)

Anywho, sorry it's been a while. I've been hard at work on Dragons' Bane and getting more and more excited for it every day! :) I'm also currently working on figuring out a blogging schedule so I'll remain more consistent, haha. It's hard balancing writing a novel and being active on social media and finding time and topics to blog about, on top of all the other ordinary things of life I have to deal with.

So, today I'm going to talk a bit about my curent WIP Dragons' Bane, its characters, a brief premise, etc. Just a little taste to hopefully get you excited. ;) I've already got the first chapter up if you would like to read it, you can find it here.

Dragons' Bane is a sequel to The Dragon Within, however, it is also a standalone adventure on its own. The main characters in it are Dailen Shale, Lena Maye, and Blaze Montego (though that isn't his real name ;) If you've read The Dragon Within, you know that it was set in the fictional country of Amael (if you haven't, click here to get your own copy!) Well, Dragons' Bane has a slightly different setting, placed in Amael's neighboring countries, Calest and Galdania.

Another big difference is the peoples' views on dragons. Galdanians view dragons as weak and extravagant 'pets' that display a status of wealth. Calestans reverently fear dragons and stay well away from them. The dragons in Calest are also hiding a fabled treasure, one which the Calestan government would kill to obtain. No one who goes to seek this treasure has ever come back alive, until now. 

I'm still working on strengthening the plot, so this is still subject to change and not all the details are worked out, but it's developing wonderfully and I'm very excited! 

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