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Character Spotlight: Treya

Hello everyone! I've had a very busy week, so that's why there's been no posts this week. Last weekend I went to the AFHE convention and sold 54 books, which I'm very happy about. :) I even had some people come up to me the second day and say though they were only ten pages into the book, they already loved it! So, yeah, that's super exciting! :)

I'm also getting started on writing my second book, which I hope to have at least a temporary title for soon so I stop calling it "the second book". It's really developing well and I'm very excited to start writing about these wonderful new characters! (their spotlights won't be up for a while, though ;)

So, without further ado, let's move on to the character spotlight of the week: Treya!

Treya is 21 years old and very reserved. She grew up as a slave, which explains why she doesn't trust easily. Treya actually has a large and intense backstory that I wasn't able to delve into in "The Dragon Within" much, so I'm writing a separate, short story about her life before she enters the story, which I'm very excited about. :)

Treya has changed a lot over the years, though interestingly, her name has stayed the same, unlike most of my other characters. Her age is what's fluctuated the most, though--at one point she was 12, then 5, then 18...I just couldn't decide! I even tried giving her some sort of curse or something where her age changed, like it was decreasing rather than increasing, but that didn't end up working out.

Remember how I said Kaena's crush on Toran used to be actually a large part of the story? Well, because of that, and because Treya is incredibly beautiful, I originally had Kaena be very jealous of Treya (Kaena was a very immature character at the time). Toran really liked Treya and played protector a lot, sometimes even making Kaena feel left out. I ditched all that though because it just wasn't working out.

Instead, Treya's troubled past made her very distrustful, especially of Toran because...well,

Can't give away all of Treya's secrets, now, can I? ;) Anyway, it took a while for Kaena to break down Treya's defenses and actually get her to trust them.

Interestingly enough, Treya's physical appearance, other than age, has not fluctuated throughout the story at all, unlike the other characters. She's always been a really pretty blonde with bright blue eyes, with a small frame and a meek disposition.

Treya's story is pretty sad but rather sweet at the same time. She's been through so much but...it's worth it in the end. :) To find out how it ends, though, you'll just have to read "The Dragon Within". ;)

And that's all for now, folks! I'm not quite sure what character I will spotlight next week...so many choices! I'm thinking I'll go with the quirky one, though, because that will be entertaining.

Or should I spotlight a dragon? I just realized I haven't done any of them...that could be interesting. :)

Speaking of which, I've got a "What character are you?" and "What dragon are you?" quiz on the Fan Extras page if you're wondering which character (or dragon) you're most like. ;) The dragon quiz is definitely more comical though, haha. 


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