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A Sequel To "The Dragon Within"!!

Hello again! Life has been so busy with things involving my first book! Signing books, shipping out books, posting about my book!

I really need to figure out some schedule for blogging so I actually get it done when I want it done. Wednesdays I do Character Spotlights--maybe I'll designate a day each week for writing advice/experiences or updates on the sequel I'm working on to "The Dragon Within".

"Wait, did you just say sequel???"

Yes, I did. :) Book #2 is currently in the works, and the plot is coming together very nicely. I have most of the characters figured out and am very excited to start them on their own unique journey!

Before you ask, no, "The Dragon Within" does not end on a terrible cliffhanger that will leave you in agony until the sequel comes out in July 2015. This sequel will be connected to "The Dragon Within" in several ways, but won't involve all the same characters. It's set in Amael's neighboring country, Calest, though several characters from "The Dragon Within" will make reappearances as well.

I can't tell you the title of it yet, as I've only got a temporary one for now, and I don't want to spoil it, anyhow. But, if you'd like a peek at the characters, my Pinterest page has several boards dedicated to the main characters of this sequel, as well as their families. They are: Lena, Kaiden, and Dailen, as well as The Montellene/Friedel Family and The Dyran Family. Feel free to check them out, and follow me on Pinterest as well, because you never know when I might put up more pictures or information about the characters/book. ;)

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