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Want to Know the Best Character Writing Advice Ever?


I believe writing characters shouldn't be hard. So why does it seem like everyone has so much trouble with it?

Lately, I've seen so much "writing advice" and things like "tips for writing real characters" lately, and honestly, it kind of confuses me. Writing "real" characters? That's truly that difficult?

Look around you! There's people everywhere, "characters" if you will. Look. Listen. Characters are just people that don't actually exist, but they could.

You want to know how to write great dialogue? Listen to the way people around you talk. If your characters aren't modern, find movies with characters that use the type of dialogue your characters use. You want to know how people act in a certain situation? Watch them.

Really, I don't think it should be difficult to write "real" characters. Just draw from what you've seen and heard from experiences with real people. Everyone has problems; make sure your characters do too. Everyone has dreams and deep secrets, their own ways of responding to situations, nervous habits, et cetera. Discover what kind of person your character is, and write them as if you were observing and recording a person in real life. Then they will feel real, not only to you, but to others as well. :)

Since "The Dragon Within" is now completed, I have begun drafting characters and plots for the second book. I have decided not to begin actually writing the book until I know the characters. I'll go more into detail about that in a later post, but for now, I hope this advice has helped you in some way. :)

Happy reading (and writing!)



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