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"The Dragon Within" is Published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it.

What did I do, you ask? I wrote, formatted, and published my very first book!!!! :D "The Dragon Within" went live for purchase today, which is super exciting!!!!!!! :D 

Here's an image of the cover for you:

Isn't that so cool?! I'm so super excited about finally getting this done! :D It's taken three years to fully finish this book, and I'm so happy to have finally DONE it.

I wrote a book. I PUBLISHED a book.

I am now a published author.

WOOHOO!!!!! :D *happy dance*

And now, a bit about the book, as well as a link to purchase it!! It'll go live on Amazon and other places in a few days, but for right now, this is what I've got. :)

Well, here we go!

"The Dragon Within" is a 382 page fantasy novel about two teenagers, Kaena and Jarden, living in a world where dragons are considered evil. But are they?

Kaena always thought they were...until a shocking surprise in the forest near her home makes her question everything she thought she knew about dragons. 

As if that's not enough, war is brewing between humans and dragons, and the tension is high. Everyone is forced to choose a side, and the stakes have never been higher.

And the real war is only just beginning.

Now Kaena must try to reunite the opposing sides to fight an even greater evil that is stirring amongst them, or face the destruction of her world, forever.

But are they fighting the wrong enemy?

Are you excited to read it?? :) I will have a link to purchase the book directly from me soon [I'll autograph it for you] as well as a special, limited time offer. Email me at melodyjacksonauthor@gmail.com and I'll send you a free digital PDF of the book if you'll review it for me. :)

In my next post, we'll get to know the characters from "The Dragon Within" a little more. :) Stay tuned!


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